Monday, December 25, 2006

All You Need Is Love

From big sister Ginny, through SMS: "Call me crazy but I have this feeling that 2007 will bring in much happier times with much hotter men for most of us. Else, ecstasy, break-point thrills, and love, love, love."

Somehow, I can't help but also share in that feeling of enthusiasm as well. 2006 wasn't as bad as the previous couple of years, but it was definitely heralded by change. Change in life direction, change in lifestyles, change in address. I suppose being in your twenties allows you room for change, like trying on different dresses in a chic universal boutique, with constant alternations, a string of sequins here and a shiny new button there. I'd like to think I learned quite a bit about myself this time around, and perhaps retained a number of embarassing habits as well, but that, all in all, I'm not the wide-eyed rose-colored-glasses child that I was last year. A little bit older, a little bit wiser, definitely loads smarter...but hey, I think it's all part of the entire track of becoming a better person.

I think that if there's one thing I'm appreciating Christmas for, it's because of all the new people in my life. Like I said in my LJ, everyone came at the precise instance I needed them to, as if the universe was simply setting up the pieces of a massive strategy game, and that ultimately, towards the end of it all, I can say, "Hey, that was really cool." People are a gift, and I'm forever thankful that this time around, I didn't lose any friends, and gained even more friends than I've ever bargained for. It warms the heart to know that you don't need a boyfriend to remind you that you are loved - spending time with friends and family is more than enough.

I haven't felt this enthusiastic about the upcoming year in such a long time that it reminds me that there is a little bit of magic left in the world, sparkles and stardust that continually emphasizes the importance of every single person in one's life. I'm looking forward to finishing my MA next year, to finally settling down into a life I've always thought I have to live, to write more stories and poems, and to always, always fall in love. ^_^

Happy Christmas, all!

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