Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas List 2006

Oh noes. Everyone's coming out with their Christmas lists.

*hops on the bandwagon*

Actually, these things kinda help as well - after all, if you know what the person wants, then it won't be that much trouble anymore, right? RIGHT. ^^

1. House MD Season 2 DVDs. I'm actually going to be a happy little girl if someone can get me the originals so I can bring them to Singapore without the police on my tail, but since I know we're a Third World Country, a decent (read: clear) pirated version will be more than welcome.

2. A new pair of jeans. Unfortunately, I'm really picky with my jeans because I have a weird size. I'm comfortable with Guess! jeans (the stretch ones with cling to your thighs, make your ass looks great, and billows out slightly at the bottom), or if not, People Are People jeans, at least the Kettle Bottoms (?) are also great. (This is all Bespren Jilly's fault for introducing me to PRP denims.)

3. Books on my 2nd sem reading list. Even if they're secondhand. Email me if you want to know the titles, and if you can donate them during the break. ^^ I really don't want to spend more than I need to on next semester's reading list.

4. Flowers. It would be nice if someone gives me flowers for Christmas. Just because I know I won't be getting any for Valentines in 2007. Not that I mind, but flowers are always nice. ^^

5. A new muse. But that would be extremely difficult to find. But if anyone finds him, I want him coming out from a cake, and wearing bunny ears.


Hee. Going home soooooooooooooooooooon.

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