Saturday, December 16, 2006

Home is Where the Heart Is

I'm not quite sure where to start. Tonight's probably the first time I've actually had a bit of luxury in sitting in front of the computer in order to sort of out thoughts. Today marks the first week in Manila - I have, officially, three more weeks to go before going back to Singapore. There is already a part of me that already wants to stay, but I know that part of the excitement of going back is coming home again. :)

Anyway, it's nice to find that people miss you. I mean, not to sound like an attention whore already, but it's always nice to find that you do mean something to people, and that your presence can still somehow make their world a little bit brighter. I mean, at the end of the day, even after the horrendous traffic and the general insanity of the holiday rush, you still remember that the reason you went out in the first place is to see everyone.

And amidst the gaggle of old groups of friends, moving one after the other like sushi on a conveyor belt, you realize that there are new people who insinuate themselves in your life, and make it so much more interesting and meaningful, and remind you that in the so many ways you've changed, some things still remain the same. :)

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