Monday, January 15, 2007

Adventures in Housekeeping and Other Matters

You will never appreciate a toilet until it dies on you.

Which was precisely what happened last Saturday evening, when the chain on the toilet that F and I share decided to give way and break. So for at least twenty-four hours, we were slumming in the master's bathroom because the handyman wasn't available and came in just today. But for fifteen bucks, at least we're all done and now it's flushing better than before. :-)

And as if to add to household accidents, this morning one of cardboard storage boxes decided to give way and spill books and last semester's papers all over the floor. When I woke up and tried to fix them up, the lamp also toppled over and so now one side of the glass lamp has a long crack running diagonally across it. Sigh.

That's one of the things that you're constantly up against when you live on your own - and I suppose I'm still luckier than most because at least I live with two other guys, which means I'm (sorta kinda) protected and they're always great when it comes to dealing with the more technical aspects of housekeeping. But since they're out most of the day anyway, there's not much company to have. Which is just the way I like it, in Singapore anyway.


I've not yet done much by way of studying for this week's classes. Somehow, the load seems a bit heavier than before, even though I'm just taking three modules. There's a bit of reading to plow through that I'm not particularly looking forward to. And then, of course, I need to start doing the bibliography from the NUS library, if I want to avoid being hung and quartered by my professors. Plus, there's a tidy bit of money involved in this endeavor, and I'm looking forward to squirreling away some savings, particularly since our rent has been raised for this year.

Oh, and today's the first time that the sun has come out in a week. It's lovely. Perhaps I'll take a stroll down the park in a while...after I finish with Aristotle. ^_^


American Idol 6 this week! Can anyone tell that I'm excited? Haha.

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