Friday, January 19, 2007

Climbing a Kitchen Stool First Thing in the Morning

Back at school, blogging and waiting for M. The Reading Room is filled mostly with Language students, who I really don't know, but it's fine as long as they leave you to your little corner. For some strange reason, I can't blog at the flat - not sure whether it's our connection, because when I'm in Manila and I use wi-fi, I can manuever around Blogger just fine. Oh well. There are other avenues of writing, anyway.

Speaking of avenues for writing, I signed up for the Short & Sweet playwriting workshop in February, which might prove to be an interesting experience. I've never written a play before (not counting my experiences at the PETA summer workshops and high school productions, which does not really count) and I'm looking forward to participating in this workshop. Plus, it's specifically for ten-minute plays, kinda like a dramatic version of flash fiction, so this should be fun.


Domestically speaking, living with two guys is generally a good thing. After all, we all keep to ourselves, nobody bothers with you, and as long as you keep your door closed, what you do behind it is none of anyone else's business. Of course, this also means that I can't filch bread or sugar from the boys - but that's just me respecting property more than anything else.

However, there's also a flipside to these things: for one, the flat is less than spotless. Sure, I can keep my room tidy as much as anyone else, but I refuse to be responsible for the common areas. Which is fine, as far as I'm concerned, but when you're planning to do your laundry on Friday morning and find your flatmate's still-damp boxers and briefs in the machine, this might be cause for concern. Also ended up doing some frightening acrobatics, since the boys hang their clothes on the ceiling, and I figured I might as well be polite enough to do the same. Unfortunately, being short, this required me to clamber up a rickety kitchen stool even before I could wash my face and wake up properly.


Oh well. Once in a lifetime opportunity to fall out the window, I guess. Unfortunately, I'm no Spider Woman.


It's always cause for concern when one of your friends decide to lose weight by skipping meals. I mean, for one, if she gets any thinner, she'll be two-dimensional instead of a proper human being, and for another, she's only doing this because her other flatmate, a girl who is the very definition of the word "sticks and bones" keeps on taunting her and calling her "fat." Now, people who call other people fat REALLY have a problem and might want to start seeking professional help. But also, it worries me because there are other, healthier ways to lose weight. There's watching what you eat, there's exercise, there's a combination of food that will help your body shed off the extra fat...

But the thing is, my friend doesn't have any extra fat to shed. O_o

I mean, I know I'm far away from the definition of thin. And people know this, and I know this. But that doesn't mean I'm going to starve myself just to make other people shut up about my weight. And besides, I don't see how being bouncy and round makes you a better or worse person - isn't it worse that people who profess to be God-fearing and Christian are those that taunt other people because of their physical size? I fail to see where charity comes into this form of name-calling.

Being thin or fat shouldn't really matter - unless of course, it's already detrimental to your health or it's already causing physical complications. But otherwise, I think it's just a form of self-satisfaction and happiness. As long as you like yourself, in whatever form or fashion, and celebrate that, I don't see how one person's comments can make you start starving yourself for days on end.


Presentation tonight on Simone de Beauvoir. Slightly nervous. Hoping to finish soon and get this thing over and done with already. O_o

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