Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This is Called "Slice-of-Life"

So yes, I'm bored and there's not much to talk about. Sure, there was that little adventure in the National University Hospital early Monday morning, but I'm fine and dandy now. Or it may be the meds talking. ^_^

Anyway, in an attempt to stave off boredom and procrastinate with the work I'm supposed to be doing (and inspired by cousin Laika's post a few months back), let me introduce to desk.

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Now this is the left side of the desk. I couldn't post the entire image in one go because some details will be lost because it takes up pretty much the entire wall space underneath the window.

I love this desk. If it were mine (which it's not; it's the landlord's) I would gladly take it home and let it take over our house.

So there, from left to right, is (1) my pile of readings for this week, with the convenient and oh-so-useful highlighter; (2) my pink giraffe coffee mug with half-tepid coffee; and (3) Leandro, my rather battered PowerBook G4 Mac. Behind them are (4) my desk organizers, or at least that's what it says on the packaging, thanks to IKEA - it holds various stuff like free postcards, old bills and mail, brochures and manuals for the various gadgets I have around the room; (5) an orange pen that has a "peace" sign on top, a birthday gift from classmate Meena, and (6) my various implements of torture...I mean, pens and scissors and get my drift. And if you squint really, really hard, you'll see a pair of chopsticks - that's a farewell gift from Mitzie, but I didn't want to use it 'cos it was so pretty, so it's just there on display.

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And this is the right side of my desk. Yes, it has a prettier angle. The light falls just so.

Anyway, so again, there's (1) Leandro - just so you have a point of reference; (2) stuff from my bag: the pencil case, Ventolin inhaler (because of asthma), keys, and my hairbrush. Note the fact that I like pink. Beyond them are (3) my books, which is divided into two piles: Stuff for School, and Stuff for Reading in Bed at Night. Obviously, the school readings are higher. Oh, and yes that's my phone on top of Ursula K. LeGuin's The Other Wind.

Turning around, you can see (4) my calendar, which I bought from a small stationary store at Raffles Shopping Center for 13 dollars, but then I realized it was in Japanese, but that's okay because at least I still know the dates and the month 'cos it's in Engrish; (5) Kleenex box and desk lamp, which now has a crack running down one side because it fell over during a particularly clumsy moment; and (6) my bulletin board which houses: the Coffee Bean postcards that Hiyas has been sending me last semester, various Post-It notes to myself, my schedule for the semester, including presentation and exam dates, bank receipts and library receipts, and my two-day pass to the Short & Sweet Playwriting Workshop next week.

And if you can see beside it, there's a (7) box that holds books and papers from last year, with my denim jacket on top and (8) one of my smaller luggage pieces that I use for short trips to and from Manila.

This is easily the place where I spend most of my time when I'm at the flat, and where I get most of my work done...well, when I'm not snoozing away. The days are windy and the nights are chilly, and the blanket nowadays is my best friend. ^_^

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