Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hong Kong, Day 2

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Cousin Laika and I in Hong Kong, with cousin Pippa at the back doing the V sign. In the Holiday Tours shuttle en route to Disneyland HK

Second day in Hong Kong. Last night, we stayed at the Disneyland Hollywood Hotel, one of the two hotels in Hong Kong Disneyland, and which had the most amazing breakfast buffet in the entire world. Also makes me quite happy that cousin Laika and I woke up at 7.30 to make it to Chef Mickey, the cafe downstairs, where there was food for both breakfast AND lunch AND you get to make your own noodles AND there was dimsum! Unlimited hakao!

Unfortunately, today, we moved to the Royal Pacific Hotel, a hotel on top of the China Hong Kong City (CHKC) mall and right along Canton Road, which is at the heart of the Tsim Sha Tsui district at the Kowloon side of the country, where the Temple Street Night Market occurs just a couple of blocks down the road, and the entire stretch of Nathan Road glimmers and beckons in the foggy January night.

I suppose the nice thing about traveling with your entire family (even while wearing matching football shirts and jackets - yes, we have Dans shirts and jackets, which is insanely creepy if you run into clumps of us wandering around places) is the fact that you're quite used to taking over entire public areas: restaurants, hotels, parks...and an entire cruise ferry that went around the bay. Despite the fact that it was probably almost ten degrees for the entire day and the winds were pretty strong across the waters, you could see the city even at night, with the bright lights strung across the buildings, twinkling like precisely synchronized stars.

There are a great many things that I'd like to say about the vacation (most of them great and amazing) but I suppose what remains in my mind is the fact that this is perhaps the first post-Christmas vacation in recent memory where there aren't any guys in my life. And it feels great, because I can focus on the vacation itself, and not miss people who are incredibly temporary at any point in time. I mean, earlier, at the Avenue of the Stars, I was walking with my godson Enzo (who's four and a great fireball of energy) and pointing at the stars on the pavement, and we were leaning on the railing and counting the ships that were passing across the harbor, and I saw my cousin Betong obsessing on his cellphone and talking to his girlfriend, and I'm like, "Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, I know how that feels, but take a look at where you are, and enjoy where you are for the moment, instead of constantly feeling like a part of you must be missing because it's not. You're nicely complete and whole."

Anyway, tomorrow, we're off to Ocean Park for the entire day and then the cousins are intending to hit the Night Market before we leave back for Manila the next day. ^_^ This is perhaps the best vacation in the entire world. Heeeeee.

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