Friday, January 26, 2007

I Am The Stupid

Hay Lord. Tae.

So it's the day before my birthday and I was conveniently brilliant enough to actually forget my keys inside the flat. Read that? I FORGOT MY KEYS.

Immediately texted flatmate C: "Been incredibly stupid and left my keys at home. Can you please leave the door open when you get back?"

Replies: "Haha. Okay."

Oh LORD. I hope they don't forget.

As Bespren Jilly said earlier, "You know what, you're not yet 23 and you're starting to forget things already."

This is not great. This is like, the most incredibly inane thing that could happen to me today. I promised myself that I would never, ever forget my keys, that it would only happen to my flatmates. I even checked my bags earlier, for things for tonight's party, but no. I am the brilliant. I forgot my keys.


So if you see me blogging at another location in a few hours, that means that my flatmates forgot to open the door.

In other news, blogging has been remiss because of Blogger's incredible stupidity at uploading stuff when at the flat. Wi-fi is great and all, but if you can't use your platform to publish properly, then it's crapassshit. So there. the three people who are still reading this. >_<

As for tonight, we are celebrating with a nice little party at M's place with pizza and dumplings (J made dumplings! For me!) and other sorta kinda things that we might find lying around the place. They want to have a "dawning" - M's brilliant idea of staying up 'til midnight to greet me a proper Happy Birthday. ^_^ It's a nice gesture from friends, particularly in light of the fact that there's no family around. Although of course, the little girl in me is hopefully anticipating a call at 7 in the morning, from my mom or dad, saying that they made a surprise visit all the way to good ol' S of G just to celebrate the 23rd birthday of their little girl.

Ah well. One can always hope.

But still. Dumplings! Pizza! And hopefully, an open door!


Okay, class in a bit. Must get coffee downstairs.

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