Friday, January 26, 2007

The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore

School isn't really off to a good start, despite my earlier enthusiasm. Work has a way of dampening spirits, especially when you look at your load and simply shake your head in disbelief and wonderment as you try and fathom how you will survive the semester in one piece, and with (at least most) of your sanity intact.

So far, I've resolved to march down to the library - or stay in my room, whichever I feel like doing after lunch - to do some much-needed foundation research, particularly for the Cultural Studies module, because really, I'm wondering how many good comics articles are out there in scholarly journals that I have yet to unearth? And I suppose this is the difficulty with pop culture, because people either expect you to deliver fluff masquerading as a scholarly paper or a scholarly paper to be dismissed as fluff.

Otherwise, I'd like to think that the other classes might be something I can bluff: goodness know the Lyric class isn't much in terms of imagination, and I'm just extremely thankful that I get to do my presentation on the lyric poem in America, because that's something I'm familiar with. As for the Women Novelists class, I'm just glad that I retained a bit of knowledge from my undergraduate class on the history of feminism, because it's certainly helping a lot here. And though I've never read any of the novels we're taking up - and am currently in the middle of God of Small Things because of this - at least these are books I would perhaps enjoy reading...unlike last semester's lackluster selections across all of my modules.

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