Monday, January 08, 2007

Time For a New Change

It seems like a normal night at home. Louie's watching Firefly, Bea's as perky as someone who ate a gallon of popcorn (which she has, since we have a bucket of Chef Tony's here), and Tatay is happily watching everyone go about their business in his special God-chair.

Yes, my daddy is God.

Tomorrow, I leave for Singapore. It's a bit of insanity, as I've yet to print my electronic ticket from my e-mail, and pack properly, and basically do the hundred million things one has to do before we leave for the airport at 4 PM. My flight is at 8 PM, and I arrive at Singapore just before midnight. But I'd like to think that this vacation has taught me, as that line in The Wizard of Oz goes, "There's no place like home!" And that in between exploring new avenues in and out of the city and retracing old familiar steps, I'd like to think that I gained a new perspective on life and the future, and that I'm ready to take on 2007 by storm.

Of course, I'm not particularly looking forward to school, but I am quite happy to return, in the sense that it will give me time to process everything that's happened in the one month (just ONE MONTH?!?!?!?!) that I was here, and perhaps get the fuel to write the next story on my list, and YES VINNIE, I WILL STEER AWAY FROM THOSE THEMES WE TALKED ABOUT TODAY. ^^ But I am looking forward to this year, and so far, it's been a good first week.

The next thing to look forward to: settling back into old habits, new classes and new professors, finally starting on that RA job and focus on that, and my promise to myself to make this a year of writing. ^^


By the by, for those who are interested to know, if you're a Globe subscriber and you text my SingTel mobile account, the charge is still the same. Not sure if the UnlimiTXT service is active, but as far as I know, it's still one peso per text message. So text away, people!

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