Friday, February 02, 2007

Kill Me, It's February

Yes, the dreaded month has arrived.

Well, all right, I'm overreacting, I know. And besides, here in Singapore, couples can be seen in all possible forms of improper behavior in public: whether it's making out in the shadowy corners of the train or in the moviehouse (as I've experienced one too many times) or the girls simply draping themselves like pieces of fabric over the shoulders or arms of their significant others. So hey, if you need Valentines' Day to license that kind of behaviour, you're obviously not in Singapore.

But anyway. Yeah, there's the part of me that's bitter. Bleh.

But I promise I'll try to be nice. After all, you don't need a day to tell you how to love someone, right?


School is in full swing, which means that I can feel deadlines breathing down the back of my neck like some hideous, invisible dragon of old. Granted, I still have the same number of modules like last semester, and pretty much the same number of papers (or even less, if you think about it) but somehow, the pressure is there to BE BETTER than last semester. Which I don't really mind, since I know I work best under pressure, but still. There's a part of me that's insanely tempted to just tear my hair out and pretend that I'm a blubbering, gibbering idiot just to get out of this.

Yes, I know this is good for me and all, but can we please not talk about the postcolonial anymore?



Oh, and before I forget, it's my baby sister Bea's birthday today. She's fifteen!

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The sisters at Hongkong Disneyland. Photo thanks to Sandra.

So yeah, she now has the license to be emo and angsty, to ask about her place in the world and who she is and what she needs to do, and all that fun stuff we also did when we were teenagers. Haha.

But yeah, I love this girl. Seriously. ^_^


Check out this place, before I forget: Ecorazzi, which merges celebrity gossip and environmental causes. I just started writing for them, which is a great gig since I'm online most of the time anyway, and can update every so often. Haha.

Plus, it's my little way of helping out with the world - and being informed, and gossiping all at the same time! ^_^

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