Monday, March 19, 2007

Boys Are Stupid

Dear God,

I would like to ask why you programmed the males of my species to operate without a failsafe switch that enables them to understand even the simplest of human verbal communcation. I would like to inquire if there is a warranty so that I can return several of the current models I am acquainted with in order to receive the upgrades needed.

The last time I checked, the statements, "Your best friend is hot" and "So do you want to have sex with me?" do not belong in succeeding statements. Neither does "I don't think you even care" and "OK" should ever be near each other in the near future.

Also, I would like to put forth a request for a man who would rather talk intelligently and sensitively rather than someone who continually compares you to your best friend, who, while acknowledging the fact that she is extremely pretty, also comes with a disclaimer in the form of her boyfriend. It would be nice to be appreciated on one's own merits.

Thank you very much,

PS. And no, I am still not opting for the lesbian route.

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