Friday, March 30, 2007

Hell Month

You know it's already hell month when there's not a free carrel to be found in the Central Library; nor is there an available plug near any of the common desks. So I'm stuck in a corner, beside the OEM Design journals, where the bench has a quote from Alvin Toffer, saying, "Knowledge is knowing...or knowing where to find out." If only I knew where to find a more comfortable seat. Sigh.

Anyway, one paper down, two more to go. The one for today was probably my most difficult because I really hated the topic that we were forced to do, and I never much liked the class in the first place. At least with the other two, I'm at least familiar with the material and the lecturers concerned are pretty much giving us free reign over the topics.

It feels like it's suddenly over too fast, this semester. Not that I don't like it, but I'm just surprised that it's April already, and that we're one or two sessions away from The End.

As for plans for the summer, I'd like to play it by ear. After all, there's still a number of things I have to do: visiting people, mainly, and perhaps even managing to write a short story or two. Sadly, some of the plans I've had for this semester have fallen flat - my play wasn't accepted for Short & Sweet Singapore (a friend of mine, who's acting for the festival, said that most of the plays were angst-ridden, with homosexual characters and monologues that required a cigarette dangling from someone's lips - all elements that I never included in the play) and my proposal wasn't accepted for the SAMLA (something something Modern Language Association) conference on children's literature. Sigh. It's very disheartening. But at the same time, I don't have time to wallow in these things - I have deadlines to finish and a massive bibliography to compile over the summer break. (Does anyone here have Wi-Fi that I can filch from? Please?)

But there. We all have to soldier on, I suppose.

At any rate, things to look forward to: we're going to Malaysia tomorrow (not KL though; a small fishing village in Johor called Kukup, and, I'm told, a massive seafood lunch buffet) and then watching The Phantom of the Opera on Sunday at the Esplanade Theatre. I'm hoping we won't be high up (Circle 3) since the last time we watched a play here (Tick Tick...Boom! at the Victoria Theatre) we were so high up I was ready to cry and my hands were clammy and I was shaking. That's acrophobia for you. O_o

Anyway, I'll be back in the Philippines in about a month. Hopefully, the madness will have ceased by then.

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