Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Soap Opera On Standby

Waiting for the storm clouds to release their brooding stomachs of rain before I go to school. This morning's been quite the drama - the not-quite-exciting adventures of a cousin of mine "working" for my aunt has finally reached its dramatic conclusion earlier this afternoon, and he's finally going back to the Philippines. Myself, being just a bit player in the unfolding of events, was (thankfully) relegated to the role of The Back-Up Plan. Which is good, since I was quite worried that if worse came to worst, I would have to skip classes today and tomorrow (which is both a No-No...I've skipped one too many sessions in my Cultural Studies module, and I have a presentation tomorrow), not to mention the state of my rapidly dwindling financial situation.

Still, am glad things are sorted out. Hirap kasi pag pusong mamon ka e...

Anyway, down with the sniffles again - my third time this semester, if I'm not mistaken. So I'm back to loads of water and paracetamol and Vitamin C. A friend said that it was due to a deficient diet, and I'm likely to agree, but then again, what kind of balanced diet can one expect from someone who's tightfisted with her cash as well as the lack of any proper cooking implements in this flat? I'm hoping this body doesn't break down anytime soon - I have three papers to write, all of which are due exactly ten days apart from each other. Hell month is approaching, and I just want things to be over and done with.


Oh, and a couple of things from other people:

My former editor at MEG Magazine, Pierra Calasanz, is looking for contributors for the upcoming Story Philippines Junior. She says:

We're looking for short stories for children (ages nine to twelve), written in English, 3000 words and below, about anything under the sun as long as it's unique, interesting and rated PG, of course.

Submissions must not have been previously published, and yes, there is a modest talent fee for stories that are chosen (our panel of judges will include actual nine to twelve-year-olds). Please email submissions to before April 30, 2007.

And then my bespren Jilly also needs manpower, but for a different kind of field. Copied directly from her LJ:

Because I want to help my team out, HSBC's Editorial and Design Group (EDG) is looking for Editors, Proofreaders, Technical Writers, and Designers. If you or anyone else you know might be interested to apply, send your resume to If you are OC, creative, can work under minimal pressure, and are willing to work in Alabang or Makati, go ahead and send me your resume.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my good deed of the day. ^_^

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