Friday, April 20, 2007

Anticipation Makes My Toes Tingle

And that’s it. I’m done with all my requirements for this semester. My Cultural Studies paper is the last thing that I was required to write, and after this it’s just two exams, and I’m out of this place.

It’s been a difficult semester. As of this writing, I just have SGD 150 in my account (still no stipend – hopefully, when the 24th rolls along, it will appear, just like magic!) because of the number of times I’ve ended up at the hospital/University clinic/drug store – getting sick is no cheap task here in Singapore, and even with a medical coverage that doesn’t cover your outpatient services, one is forced to dig deep into one’s pockets for the prerequisite medicine. And then there’s all the personal drama – people getting angry with other people, how you realize that here, everything is transient, and your knowledge of how other people work isn’t really enough. What you think you know is not really what’s hidden underneath the surface. In fact, the only thing that was relatively manageable was the schoolwork, believe it or not – the requirements aren’t anything to worry about (at least at our level) and we were given ample time to work on everything.

Still, I’m hoping things will straighten out once my stipend comes in. This is the nerve-wracking part, where you wonder if you’ll have anything to eat, if you can afford the next week’s groceries, if the universe will be kind. (I hate financial problems.) Still, learning experiences are learning experiences. And with two weeks more until I fly back home, things are hopefully going to start looking up. ^_^


Because I ended up staying at the flat from Saturday last week until yesterday (no mean feat for someone like me, who enjoys going out), partly to save on money, and partly because I was writing (read: cramming) my Cultural Studies paper, I ended up being immersed in front of the television a lot. I’m eternally grateful that I have boys for flatmates, which means that we have cable TV, which means that I’ve had my weekly dosage of Grey’s Anatomy, House MD, American Idol, and the entire Discovery: Travel and Living shows – Miami Ink, Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown, Globe Trekker (the old Lonely Planet), Nigella Feasts, and everything else. That’s definitely worth the SGD 24 I pay every month.

This probably helped me from going insane; that, and the presence of friends on Yahoo Messenger, which meant that there was still a modicum of human interaction and I didn’t feel like I was so alone in the universe. And trust me, when it’s a Wednesday night and you’re faced with the prospect of eating your fifth tuna sandwich for dinner in a row, it’s bound to get a bit cracked up. O_o


I fly to Davao on May 6 (Sunday) on a midnight Cebu Pacific flight. My local number is already with my mom, which means that yes, I will be available through text, since my online time will most probably be limited by dial-up and the relative insanity of Philippine Internet servers. ^_^

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