Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy 20th Birthday, Baby Brother!

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Louie and Bea, January 2008, en route to Hongkong

He used to push me off the bed whenever I swiped the remote control from him, and there was that one particular moment when he threw a toy telephone at me and broke four of my teeth (two up, two down). He used to steal chocolates from me, and we would have awesome rows that were the stuff of legend: bite marks and bleeding wounds whenever our tempers would get the better of us. Nowadays, it's a battle of wits: he enjoys putting me down during dinnertime and I love bribing him when I need him to do something particularly heinous for me.

But I'm proud of my baby brother. Valedictorian of his batch at Claret School, ex-president of CMLI and current taga-gulo of the organization, member of the UP Debate Society and batch representative at the current UP Student Council, Business Administration student (we're graduating at the same time!), adventurer (like his ate) and a mean drinks mixer, that's Louie. And he's turning twenty now (the big Two-Oh) and there's no turning back, bro.

If there's one thing I regret, I wish we'd talk more. So you wouldn't be so emo, and have better taste in music, and I would learn the cheat codes for all our RPGs at home. Still, you're the coolest browie in the world, dude. ^_^ Happy birthday.

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