Saturday, May 19, 2007


You know you're home when there are five cockroaches scuttling across the downstairs bathroom floor, and you find yourself threatened by their wavering antennae, aimed at you like some fragile missile, warning you to take a step back. Or when the water levels need to be adjusted via a wrench outside because the pipes seem to never be fixed, and the electric fan is more hindrance than help when it comes to air circulation. You know you're home when your siblings decide to gang up on you again because it's how they show they love you, or how drama comes in droves, like anticipating bees just waiting for your plane to land before attacking your state of mind. You know you're home when you feel as though you're moving through prescribed waters, lines on a map that exists in your mind, where your feet can sink inside precise footprints, where each place holds stories, memories, and you continually find yourself creating new ones as each day passes. You find that you miss people, that you are loved, that you are home.


Plugging: Happy Mondays Poetry Reading @ MAG:NET Katipunan this Monday, 21 May 2007. For more details, do check out Gandalf's blog for list of performers - or if you want to see me make a fool of myself on the stage. ^_^

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