Monday, May 14, 2007

Thinking In Between

I'm hungry. The time on Leandro's screen reads 5.40 PM, although by the time this gets posted, it will be approximating 7 PM. I'm glad that I have five hours on the wi-fi card I bought, since it's the only thing that's helping me retain my sanity while waiting for dinner time. I wish we were meeting at 6 o'clock, my friends here, but still. I'm just hoping there's good food where we're going. ^_^

Mother's Day passed by in a nice, lazy hazy. Nanay cleaned the house and I helped, and we took turns cooking meals and just passing out in front of the TV and watching random shows until one in the morning. She was lazy and didn't want to drive, and I was lazy and didn't want to get off the couch, so we decided not to go out anyway and just stay in the house. I bought her a hand-care kit from The Body Shop, and she liked it - I bought her a similar kit from Beauty Bar last year, and this seems nicer and had more things that she could play with. Well, if she remembers that she has it. O_o

In other news, I'm going home on Wednesday and I miss people terribly. That's the problem with living abroad - things become hazy and liminal, and you preserve moments in your mind, and then when you come back all excited and bouncing at the thought of seeing them again, you realize that life has moved on, that your anticipation of seeing them does not match their own reaction of seeing you. And it's sad, because there's a part of me that's slightly disappointed, but then, one also has to understand that life really does move on for most people, and that one's experience of freedom does not necessarily match the other's. Oh well. At least I'm in the country for a couple of months. Surely that's enough time to see everybody. ^_^

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