Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vignette: A Boy Kissed Me Today

A boy kissed me today.

A boy took my hand into his and kissed me today.

(I touch my finger to my lower lip and remember.)

He was one of those people I wasn’t expecting to see anytime in the future. I wasn’t expecting to even like him, just because he was such an ass online and I had to put on my best bitch voice just to make him go away. It was just accidental that we were both online yesterday – I was checking my mail, and he was in on his iBook, looking over some stuff online. And we talked and suddenly we just decided to meet up and so I saw him today and he didn’t look at all like his photograph but he had a nice voice and he talked intelligently and said all the right things, and I found myself flirting even though I told myself I shouldn’t because it wasn’t what proper girls do, but then I was never really a proper girl in the first place.

And then he took – no, he captured – my fingers and stroked them and we talked about things, about a lot of things, and we stayed at the coffee shop for more than two hours and he was Just. Stroking. My. Fingers.

And he was such a smooth talker. He knew what to say and when to say it, and everything was pitch perfect. (And see, because I know this, you know that I can see right through it and of course I know enough to play along.) And then he had to go to work and I had to go to Zeke’s, and so we walked out together and he took my hand when we stepped out on the sidewalk and I know you should never hold a boy’s hand on a first date but he just took it, you know, like he owned it? And we were standing on the sidewalk and he was waiting for his ride and he asked me if I might be free on Monday and I said we’ll see and just as I said goodbye, he leaned over and he kissed me and I never even saw it coming, and I wasn’t even sure how to react. And it wasn’t just a slight pressure: he nibbled on my lower lip and I felt him taste me and I was so surprised I found myself bending backwards a bit and of course the waiting barkers and taxi drivers and pedestrians and FX passengers all saw that kiss and I can’t even remember if I said anything, but all I could look at was my feet and before I knew it, I was walking across the street and telling myself not to get hit by oncoming traffic because I was too pink in the face.

I am rarely pink in the face because of a kiss.

It was just a kiss. But it was a kiss with a story. It was a kiss with a promise of something more, and I’m just letting things move from one moment to the next. I don’t have time for dreaming and romance, but a kiss. A kiss!

My toes never touched the ground again. A boy kissed me today.

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