Friday, June 15, 2007

Back to the Fete We Go!

First thing's first, people:

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UNIVERSAL STAGE (Rajah Sulayman Stage, in front of Roxas Blvd.)
feat.: orange and lemons, stonefree, salamin, cynthia alexander, radioactivesagoproject, up dharma down,mayonnaise, the dawn, alibata, mojolfy, wake up your seatmate, snakecharmer, lala, kadangyan, slapshock, the bloomfields and manymore!

ROCK STAGE (Remedios Circle, malate manila)
feat.; chicosci, sin, badburn, moyg, intolerant, hampaslupa, boyelroy, severo, hilera, greyhoundz, cog, valley of chrome, kapatid, jointheclub, ressurected, typecast, the ambassadors, check,analog, end of man, mortal fear, el mercurio, pin up girls, ducks entertainment, the wuds, vox de murk, redd boy, eternal now, effinboiche, reklamo, dirty stone yard, giniling festival, april morning skies, subscapular, queso

WORLD STAGE (Nakpil St. cor. Ma.Orosa St.)
feat: peryodiko, taken by cars, day dream clycle, drip, makatha, cosmic love, switch, salindiwa, milagros dance hall collective, the chongkeys, the rinka collective,bagetsafonik, paramita, 4mh, jeepney joyride, blue rats, the space flower show, jerome rico,sound, wahijuara,brass munky, bembol rockers, coffee break island, swissy, outerhope, bandang shirley, blazing bulalakaw, juan pablo dream, musical orgasm, pinikpikan, spy, skabeche, johnny alegre affinity, sino sikat

HIPHOP STAGE (Nakpil St. cor. Adriatico St.)
feat: sinag, nimbusnine, krazykyle, slick n sly kane/mista blaze, corporate lo-fies, audible, syke, pamilia dimagiba, chilitees, out of body special, mobbstarr, jay flava, miscellaneous, stick figgaz, the expansion team, urban outlaws, artstrong, dash & esp, monique with metagrove, ill-j, 2tay, peoples future, flipballz, aero, ampon, los indios bravoz, diwata, mike apartment, dcoy/the franchize/sunny blaze, nathan j, cirkulo pugantes, mhcre

(Taken from Quel)

It's that time of the year again, where the entire music industry gets rock and rolling and loud to the point of bursting. PLEASE, SOMEONE, YOU HAVE TO GO WITH ME. I missed last year's already because of the Singapore hullaballoo and the fact that it almost didn't happen and the venue happened to be at the SM Mall of Asia, which is an evil, evil place. Now it's back in good ol' Manila, where everything began (or so I've heard) and I've been going to the Fete for the past three years - except for 2006 - and I really, really, REALLY wanna go this time around.

Probably the best Fete for me was 2005 - that was when I got to be a production assistant for the Rock Stage, of all places, and I remember having to shove water bottles into artists' hands and run around the Podium/El Pueblo area like a schoolgirl on acid. These were the days when Cueshe was still an up-and-coming band, and Hale was just drawing in the crowds, and acts like Paramita and Sino Sikat? were just indie names. I forget the name of the other PA with me, but he was nice enough to drive me home at 4AM, just when the uruk-hai - you know the type: those grunge kids wearing chains and ripped black shirts, kohl under their eyes and hair so stiffly pulled up with gel that you could drop hamsters on their heads and kill the poor animals - were sprawled on the sidewalks of Ortigas, and smoke from the Main Stage was all over the place. I remember Sugarfree's Ebe Dancel yelling to the crowd, "Huwag n'yong itapon yung bote, may laman pa yan!" This was when the CC Juniors and I were sitting on the cold, cold floor of Podium, our feet aching like crazy, where bespren Jilly and the love of her life were still dating, and everything was crazy and insane and just floating on a lovely cloud of entropy.

Good old days. ^_^

So come on, people. Let's go! Let's celebrate being young and being alive!

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