Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Elusive Sayuman

So I finally managed to see the elusive Sayuman after three or four cancellations. That's the problem with being in demand, as he says - his schedule is even more fucked up than mine. Still, capturing him for at least the morning is enough, as a jaunt around Manila is always an adventure. ^_^

This time around, we first visited Becky's Kitchen in Singalong, where he was nice enough to buy me a box of Whatever I Wanted. Although it was tempting to take advantage of the offer and clear out half the bake shop - everything looked lovely and mouth-watering, by the way - I settled for half a box of lemon squares and half a box of cherry walnut fudge. Afterwards, we made our way to Binondo to have brunch at Wai Ying. It was Sayuman who introduced me to the place last December, and the dimsum was just as delicious as I remembered them. Over lunch, we managed to catch up with his life, as he's always the one full of stories. I was just content to listen to what he was saying, and absorb as much of it as I could.

Unfortunately, he had to leave soon after - like he said, his schedule is volatile and he's too much in demand - which is always something I'm never fond of; I'd like to stay with friends for the entire day if I could, just because I know how fleeting and temporary things are, and that I'd rather savor moments for as long as I can. Still, I'm learning to be patient. Things need to go the way they're supposed to go, and they don't need any help from me. I think my problem is, really, the fact that I can be supremely impatient when it comes to certain things that maybe, just maybe, things need to go a bit slow.

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This is the goodies box, closed

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This is the goodies box, open

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And this is Bea, attacking the goodies

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