Thursday, June 07, 2007

Everything in Retrospect

1. Going to Puerto Galera this weekend with C and a bunch of other people. Looking forward to the trip, as I've not been to the beach this summer so far, and I've never been to Galera in my entire life, so this should be cool. A lot of new people, definitely, and a lot of interesting characters to meet, and photos to take. ^_^ This should be a rather grand adventure.

2. Speaking of travel, I also might be going to Cebu and Zamboanga over the summer, but this time it's for work. I'm quite happy that I get to travel on the cash of others (haha!) - in this case, an international NGO funding a casebook project where a bunch of us get to go all over the Philippines and meet new and interesting people and then write about them. Of course, this means that I really need to invest in a tape recorder before I leave.

3. A couple of days ago, someone told me that she liked me because I was unabashedly strange and embraced my weirdness without a hint of pretentiousness. She caught me during a day when I was on a really big sugar rush, haha. But that was fun. At least now I have food-trip friends, and I'm looking forward to discovering the new places in the metro where I can get good, cheap food. And yes, I have missed food here: I've been going on food trips ever since I got back, and of course, now I need to loose a few pounds. Again. Sigh.

4. Earlier, on the FX en route to Galleria, I sat next to this girl wearing a super-short denim skirt and a blue-striped blouse with a large gaping hole at the back; I suppose it was one of those fashionable things, as you could see she was wearing a baby blue bra. She's conventionally pretty: long straight hair, a wide open face, slender and willowy and tall, graceful fingers - in other words, everything I'm not. But somehow, I was wondering what her story was, why she was in a crowded public van when it looked like she was more used to riding a private vehicle. And I was wondering, Is this what guys really want? Someone like her?

5. The universe has a tendency of taking away things for extended periods of time and then bringing them back in a manner that's both surprising and disturbing. Like they say, when it rains, it fuckin' POURS.

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