Monday, July 23, 2007

Nostalgia Sets In, and Things Keep Running Away

So, I have two more weeks before going back to Singapore. I leave midnight of August 3, and will most probably get back to the land of chicken rice and lefthand driving in the wee hours of the morning. In the interim, I have two case studies to write, 20 hours of research work to complete, an ISM (Independent Study Module) proposal to write and primary sources to consider, and of course, packing and making sure that things are ready for me when I get back - things like the flat has to be considered, and money issues, and the fact that MY STIPEND IS NOT IN YET. *panics*

At any rate, it feels like I'm outside time, watching another me wander through the errands and the places and people that I need to meet and see before I leave. I know it's just four more months before I finish, but that's four months of being essentially alone, of eating tuna sandwiches and watered-down juice, of counting every spare bit of cash I have just to get by every month. It means hoping I won't get sick or get rushed to the hospital, of finishing all of my requirements on time and maintaining my average, and hoping I will get a job by the time everything is finished. I know I'm generally a procrastinator and that I don't really finish things until the last minute, but I do need to plan these huge, life-changing things that generally concern my future plans.

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