Sunday, July 01, 2007

Retrospective is Not 20/20

This is probably the only time I'm getting to rest after the past few days. Well, "rest" might not be right word, as that implies a kind of standstill, of being horizontal and floating. Rather, it's more of looking back and absorbing what's been happening the past few days, and possibly think about what I can look forward to in the future.

Thursday - Met up with C at Powerbooks Live! at GB4 for the Hands On Manila volunteers' orientation. While I am certainly no volunteer, and have never been afflicted with the need to volunteer, this is one of C's advocacies (he's one of those people who volunteers for everything) and I figured that it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. It was a rather interesting experience, and some of the projects did pique my interest in one way or another. However, I don't think I can commit to this right now, owing to the fact that I only have a month left in the country before going back to Singapore for my last semester. Still, maybe when I get back...

We ran into Dione and her friend May (his friends) at the orientation as well, and invited them for dinner, since I was introducing him to the hole-in-the-wall that is Ziggurat. It's a small 24-hour restuarant somewhere in Makati's girly bar district (as Ginny memorably put it, it's "left at the first corner along the girly bar street") that serves IMAM - or Indian, Mediterranean, African, and Middle Eastern - cuisine. Located at the junction of Tigris and Euphrates streets (no, SERIOUSLY), I first discovered this place with Ginny, where, after a night out, we reclined like princesses on the lushly embroidered pillows scattered on the floor, lazily sipping on our lassis and dipping khofti into rich yellow curry, all the while watching foreigners bring their whores...I mean, dates, into the place. At 3 in the morning.

Dinner was a restful affair - more than an hour just feeding ourselves chunks of food and Dione taking photographs of everything. It's still cheaper than Bollywood at GB4, in my mind, which is the only other Indian restaurant I know in Manila. Afterwards, we hauled our (extremely heavy) asses out of the place and tottered off home, happy and high on curry and bread and yoghurt.


Friday - This was supposed to be adventure night: a visit to the gay bar district along Timog Avenue, and then dropping by BigSkyMind with my teototalling friends. (Note that I am straight, and that I don't drink. Still, who says that one has to have all these vices in order to live a pretentious bohemian lifestyle?) However, the proponent of these plans, Earl and Ginny, didn't really follow through - Earl had a Calculus exam the next day, and Ginny didn't want to go to BigSky without Anabel, her protective blanket and shield against the cadaverous bartender Hank.

Still, the day wasn't totally wasted. I managed to visit the flat I'm moving into next year, which is a cozy two-bedroom affair at a compound called California Garden Square along Libertad in Mandaluyong City. It's a nice little place, loft-style, with a view of the Ortigas CBD. We've already started making plans for the common areas and the furniture and appliances we need to invest in for the next six months, and pretty much everything's a go for me, at the very least. We've already decided on where our theoretical furniture will go, and now comes the hard part: saving up and looking for a job once December rolls around. Still, I'm crossing my fingers that things will go smoothly. The parents are 100% behind this venture, which is nice of them, and so at least I don't have to worry about that particular aspect in this decision. ^_^

After that, met up with Earl and Ginny and C for dinner at EDSA Shangri-la, at a small Italian restaurant called Green Tomato, and then dessert at Cravings (hello, Choco-Banana Caka a la mode), and then Ginny, C, and I went off to Penguin Cafe in Malate to watch a couple of indie bands perform. Ginny was already wasted on a margarita and Long Island iced tea, and C was nodding off, and at around 1 AM, we decided to call it a night.


Saturday - The plan for the day was relatively simple. After dozing off for most of the daylight hours, C and I were supposed to meet up for dinner and then watch Transformers at TriNoma. However, as soon as we reached the mall and the top floor, the lines that snaked from the cinema counters and across the floor was enough to dissuade us from watching. As in, a moment of silence passed between the two of us, and we just looked at each other and simultaneously decided to just watch the movie during the week, instead of braving the line and waiting for hours on end.

During dinner at Yellow Cab Pizza, bespren Jilly called up and asked if we wanted to drop by Eastwood afterwards. She was with the Love of her Life, Paolo, and hot on their heels were fellow Grey Tabler and high school friend Rita and her boy, Joseph. Since we weren't really doing anything important, C agreed to meet them and we found ourselves at CBTL for most of the evening, stranded in the rain, and then moved over to Jack's Loft for drinks - well, they drink. I'm just a Shirley Temple kinda girl. Going home past midnight seems to be the trend for the past two days, and this was no exception as well. Still, it was nice to see friends I don't often see, particularly Rita, who I didn't even see during my last visit here. ^_^


I'll be in Cebu City this week from Monday to Wednesday for work. This is the first time I'm actually traveling for a freelance project, and I must say it's kind of nice, especially since my employer is paying for everything. ^_^ Yay!

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