Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whirlwind, Whirlwind

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon and it feels a lot like the calm before the storm. I need to meet with my Secret Flatmate this afternoon to discuss our options regarding the walls as well as the general cleaning, since I'll be leaving in a few days (a few days!) and then a final Sunday dinner at my grandmother's house, and then maybe meet up with Marcelle tonight, should everything go according to plan. I'm listening to the acapelle version of "The Pilgrim's Theme" by Hangad, which C and I managed to catch a few weeks ago, and I bummed this CD off from him. It's calming, after the insanity of the weekend.

There are still so many things I want to do, and people I want to see, and I find it so sad that I only have a few days left - five, to be exact - and five days is just too short to be able to do what I want. I still have twenty hours to finish for the research assistant work, and another case study to write, and a manuscript to edit. (I need to work like a maniac - I have to save up for the Funds for the Flat!) I have an ISM primary reading list to compile and a proposal to write. I have to deal with my budget and finances, and think about the modules I want to take this upcoming semester (three down, one more choice to make) and start planning about how to go about December and crossing my fingers that I have enough money to be able to ship everything back home without forcing myself into bankruptcy. And of course, I need to lose weight, eat healthy, and get a short story out of my system before September 15.

Just looking at the last paragraph is making my head spin.

And then, of course, by tomorrow I need to start sorting out my clothes and packing my shoes. I still need to buy Ziplock bags and twine, and to make sure that all my supplies are in place and accounted for - medicines and hygienic stuff, books and papers and electronics, and of course, the stuff that goes into my closet. And I already have to consider that since I'm arriving past midnight, I still need to (at least!) sweep and wipe my floors and walls and get my sheets aired before tumbling into bed. Thank goodness for airconditioning.

Still, I'd rather keep busy than dwell on things that have been happening. Another step in the proverbial ladder of maturity, I suppose: I need to learn how to deal with these things, and maybe hope for the better next time around. I'm just sad that now, I am expecting people to disappoint me, and my pet peeve (people cancelling dates at the last minute) bothers me more than I can actually admit to myself. At least I'm proud to say that I comported myself with as much dignity and sanity as I could muster, given the circumstances and my propensity to throw sharp point objects. And while I was never fond of anger, sometimes, I realized, we do need to get angry because otherwise, people will just walk all over us.


I'm full Monday and Tuesday, and most probably Thursday evening as well (the family, a tentative date) so just let me know if and when you'd want to meet up, and if there are things you want me to get for you in Singapore. ^_^

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