Saturday, August 04, 2007

Channeling Woolf

My amazingly messy room, while I unpack.

So I really have to admit that I missed my room. My bed, my (unfortunately problematic) television set, my books and bric-a-bracs, the light streaming through my window, my own air-con! Living in close quarters with two other people who are bigger than you are might be nice for awhile, but I think, towards the end of things, we were all stepping on each others' toes - and you have to remember that while I am the eldest, I am, physically, the smallest compared to my younger brother and sister.

It still feels a bit lonely, though not as bad as I initially though. Right now, it feels like everything I've been anticipating for is finally falling into place, and that's at least a relatively nice feeling. Manila was an insane whirlwind of people and places - here, it's quiet and I can sit down and plan everything I need to do, without compartmentalizing my time or being at the mercy of other people's schedules. I like the fact that it's quiet here, but that I'm still connected to everyone - I'm always online (again) and my phone's active, so things should be at least easy to conduct. And it seems that my schedule's filling up - favors for friends and school matters to deal with, plus that irritating ISM that's just worrying that OC part of my mind. Still, all in due time.

What I miss most here are the people. Now I'm back to seeing my friends' disembodied avatars on YM, or hearing their voices if they have broadband and Skype and a headset. People who are important to me are reduced to imaginary creatures inside my head, filling the population alongside my fiction characters. I wish I saw more of a lot of people - and I've made so many new friends along the way that it's insane that I only had three months of vacation before being shipped back to sterile ol' Singapore. Still, everything is in balance.

Anyway, that's the break for today. I need to go back to unpacking and dealing with my household chores - I do need to have food in the fridge before the night is out. ^_^

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