Friday, August 24, 2007

Dream in a Box in a Box

A dream:

I was walking through my Lola's house when Ninang Betta popped out of the kitchen and asked me if I wanted to go to Cebu with her on some festival. As soon as I said yes, I found ourselves - me, her, my mom, and Monica - walking across some farmyard with backpacks strapped across our shoulders and the ground wet beneath our feet. There was the sound of someone strumming a guitar across the yard and long benches were set out on the grounds, and there were people being served steaming plates of rice and chicken inasal, and I remember as we hunkered down an empty bench and the serving lady delivered the food -

The scene changed, and I was sitting on my desk here in Singapore, with a chocolate pie beside me. It was early evening and I was on the Internet, and I was typing out to C, on YM, about what had happened in the dream. And then I could hear my alarm clock ringing and I was wondering why I couldn't find my phone -

And then I woke up. O_o

It was a dream about telling someone about a dream I had...and that's just really weird. O_o

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