Friday, August 10, 2007

Finish Your Mutton

It's a Friday, which means I have successfully survived my first week back. Of course, it's been more emo than anything else - for those who had to catch me during those particular moments - but now that school/work is in full swing, I don't have a choice to but to ride the tide.

As of the moment, all of these things include:

1. Revising my ISM proposal - adding more primary readings and winnowing out the secondary sources I want to be discussed, and following the orders of my Master...I mean, my supervisor, Dr. Holden, with regards to discussion topics. But I am excited by this project - problematizing and historicizing spec fic in the Philippines? Yay!

2. Finalizing my last two modules - still no word from the Southeast Asia Programme or the Communication & New Media Programme with regards to my application, even though I submitted it on Monday and Fatimah mentioned that we would have word in three days. Stupid National Day holiday. I need my classes!

3. CIDA case study on La Herminia - which I have been remiss in writing, since I promised Art and Ginny that I would have it done by the 13th. Which means I won't sleep over the weekend, which means...well, welcome back to school?

4. The Routledge bibliography - 220 pages of bibliography formatting by the mid-semester break, which is in six weeks. I laugh at myself. But I need to get this done, because I need the cash and we need to produce something to say that I actually did work for the project.

Add to that the occassional editing/writing gig, school work for three other modules, and other things that go wibble-wibble in the night, and I am so screwed. But hey, I dropped a kilo this week already, and there's a party tonight, so there's something that might put the upswing on things.

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