Monday, August 06, 2007

First Thing Monday Morning

So far, so good. I missed my morning walks - I just realized it now, when I woke up at 7.30 (seven-effing-thirty! In Manila, I would be lucky if I woke up at ten.) and put on my ratty red running shoes and sweatpants just in time to catch the cool of the morning. My time's still good - roughly 45 minutes looping around the track twice, but I could feel my thigh muscles complaining halfway through the routine, which means I really need to step it up. Still, hello endorphins. I missed you!

So today I need to deal with registration. Stupid department doesn't understand that for third-semester students, we kinda need more than the same modules we took the semester before, which means I have to cross-reg to other departments. I hope there are still slots available - I need to totter over to school just as soon as breakfast is done in order to deal with all this crap. Sometimes I wonder if they have cotton for brains over at FASS - incompetent fools! We can't sit in for the same module TWICE.


Anyway, things are moving as scheduled. *pats tummy* Goodbye poundage gained over the holidays. I shall not, and will definitely not, miss you. ^_^

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