Thursday, August 09, 2007

National Day Today

I've decided not to walk today for the simple fact that it's raining here, which means that I will be feeling sorry for the people who are going out today for the NDP. But it's not the kind of rain I'm sure the Manila people are experiencing right now - which I've heard is slowly turning the city into a swamp of sorts - but still, the skies are heavy and the ground is slick and I don't want to risk catching a cold by sweating in this weather. And besides, walking around Orchard for at least a couple of hours with a pile of books last night should make up for my so-called absence today.

Ended up spending money yesterday at Kinokuniya - there was a 20% discount because of National Day, which mean that my purchases went below SGD 65 for three books. Add to that the two other books I picked up from the bargain bin at the NUS Co-op, when I went to get school supplies, and you have a very happy camper. Now, all I need are my module confirmations and I can get this semester on track. Had dinner with Aloysius, a friend from uni who's now working with the NIE (National Institute of Education) for his postgrad diploma and we ended up dropping by evil evil stores - Kino, and then HMV (where I convinced him to get a copy of Emma Thompson's brilliant one-woman performance, Wit) and then finally Borders, where they were selling beanie dolls of Hedwig, Harry Potter's faithful owl that was one of the first casualties of war. Obviously, I got two - one for me, and one for my baby sister.

So today I'm stuck at home with work and with chores and with the boys. It's not so bad, except that I'm sure we'll be stepping on each others' toes as the day progresses - I'm just hoping none of the girlfriends drop by because I'm not in the mood for visitors. All I want is a cup of hot chocolate, a good movie, and a pillow to curl up with. The weather's nice like that.

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