Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

It's been raining for the entire day - I just managed to squeeze in a couple of rounds at the park before the rain (and a bit of hail, I think) started to fall. I've always been a creature of the rain, and found it rather nice to be able to go about my morning routine with the rain falling comfortably outside the window. Of course, going to school was a bit expensive; I'd rather get a cab, since I was carrying Leandro and stuff, and would rather pay significantly more than my usual transportation fare just so I'd be sure that my laptop was safe and sound.

I've been thinking a bit about letting go, or rather, reminding myself that I have so much to do and say and live for that it's completely pointless to spend my time waiting for reciprocity. Not that reciprocity is bad, mind you - but it's the icing on the cake, and right now, I'm far too busy to actually be bothered with it. I'm not brushing it off - just putting it at the back of my mind, and do something else entirely different while waiting for a solution to come along. Or, for all I know, the universe has already a plan in motion to make everything move in the way that I want it to. (I'm a sucker for Fate and friends' tarot card readings - Hi Larry!)

But in the meantime, I'd rather just let things be. I know that some things aren't being mentioned, or covered behind a veil of feigned indifference, but I mean, if you don't want to tell me, then it's perfectly fine. Secrets have a way of coming out, all by themselves, anyway. ^_^ But otherwise, I'm going along with two amazing cliches: "Ignorance is bliss," and "Innocent until proven guilty."

In other news, the people across from where I'm sitting (one of whom is my groupmate in the Theatre class) keeps on saying "fuck!" I know I have a pretty filthy mouth, but at least I'm creative with my swear words. After awhile, saying the F-word kinda smooshes things all over the place. O_o Ah well, at least they can't read what I'm writing. Yay for meta-narratives and voyeurism.

PS. Happy birthday, Paolo! (Yes, you, bespren Jilly's Other Half.) Sorry I'm not there to take advantage of the free dinner tonight. ^_^

PPS. Happy 5th anniversary to one of my favorite couples in the entire world, Hiyas and Ruben! ^_^

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