Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week One

I have a feeling things will finally start happening come tomorrow, that the entire week so far has been just about waiting, an interim gray period where things are neither here nor there, that the universal chess game was just setting up their pieces on the board and mentally rethinking their strategies for the real game. Proper classes finally start tomorrow - although I'm not quite sure about the two modules, and I just got my bill for the upcoming semester, which is odd since I'm on scholarship still, and I have the official letter stating my extension. Anyway, I shall deal with everything tomorrow.

Because I totally forgot to blog about it (not that we all care, since I'm a compulsive blogger, I think, and I just need this down for the record), I just have to mention that dinner with Aloysius Wednesday night was the absolute highlight of my week. He treated me out to Billy Bombers at The Heeren Shops, and while the service was awful, the company and the food more than made up for that. We ended up staying there until the restaurant closed, and then trooped down to HMV to check out the wares, and then Borders. Ended up spending for books - both at Kinokuniya, where I ended up picking up totally unexpected (but totally relevant) books, and at Borders as well. Oh well. At least it was still early enough to catch the last bus, which meant that I realized how much I missed late night outs. Especially during weekends.

Friday found me at the library with a bunch of other Pinoys - my old English 191 professor Ma'am Aileen, her flatmates Fara and Thea (who I also know from CAL), Gene, Lorie and Nathan, and Nino - trooping on our way to Bukit Timah for a Pinoy get-together hosted by fellow grad student Glenda (who apparently used to be with CSSP and, guess what? Worked with my dad. Sigh.) at her apartment. After being an incredibly noisy Filipino group - code switching is just absolutely marvelous - we managed to find our way to the condo complex and a lovely meal of pancit and arroz caldo, ice cream and cake, and Glenda's incredibly hyper six-year-old son, Jose, who apparently thought that Lorie was an arm chair and I was a pillow, because he kept bouncing on my behind. O_o

We were joined by a couple of other NUS students, Jayeel and Frederick, also Filipinos, and the party was in full swing. Hilltop View had a jet-powered pool, and some of the party people ventured to try it out (and from what I heard, loved it) - unfortunately, it was my first day and my body was just not cooperating with the amazing loss of blood. I would have stayed on 'til karaoke that night (see Lorie's Multiply account) but, unfortunately, I had to go home earlier than planned - an emergency, as we all know, should not be taken lightly.

Last night was weird though, because I thought I heard the door close just as I was falling asleep, which meant that at least one of my flatmates was back. And then I woke up at around three in the morning, and realized that all the lights were closed but that there was no one in the flat. And it just felt awfully empty and sad and I just plodded to the bathroom blankly, because I didn't want to think about it anymore.

Anyway, I just want this week to be over and done with, and I want to get back into the swing of things - the routine of being a student and a freelancer and an online presence - because honestly, this loneliness can get tiring as well.

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