Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week Zero

No wonder my timing's been off with regards to the mid-sem break (Sorry C!) - this week, which is both the National Day celebration and registration week, is counted as Week 0, which means that the six-week first half of the semester doesn't start until next week. So yes, I'm living proof that English majors are really bath math students.

Yesterday was quite nice: signed up for a Theatre Studies module (Text and Performance) and getting the ball rolling on my ISM proposal. Dr. Holden was kind enough - or at least, the universe provided me with enough serendipity points to run into him just as I was tottering into the English Department with a box of NCCA books in my arms and we ended up chatting in his office about a number of things - my module choices, my ISM proposal, and the research work. For my module choices, there's been some confusion and mix-up with regards to schedules for the upcoming semester - a number of them have exams on the same day and time, and the only two modules I'm still eligible to take are both being held on the same day. So not much choice - I really have to cross-register. Unfortunately, bureacracy here entails that I have to apply to the courses I want via my department - I'm signing up for a Communications & New Media module (Emerging Media Interactions) and a Southeast Asian module (Archaeology and Art in Ancient Southeast Asia). I'm hoping I get them; I'll know by Thursday - Miss Fatimah, who handles us downtrodden coursework students, says it takes three days before we get the results of the application.

My ISM was generally well-received by Dr. Holden, although he's still going to go through it with a fine-toothed comb. Our main concern right now is simply beefing up the reading list in order to make it more in line with regular module readings, and just focus on certain pieces. I'm excited about working with him, although I know I really need to get my act together just so it won't be too much of a hassle on his end as well. It feels weird to be the one pulling the strings and basically dictating where things are going. In a sense, this is my "thesis" for the course, and I'm hoping I get to pull it off well enough where I won't be too tangled and messed-up.

As for research work, it looks like they'll be renewing me for the semester, but they might pull me off bibliography duty because it's getting too tedious and repetetive. Thank goodness - any more of the copy-paste work and my mind would have gone splat to the ground. I'm meeting with my handlers (Patke and Holden) tomorrow, so it should be rather interesting. In the midst of it all, I have to make sure that I get to handle all the things I need to do: the last CIDA case study, finish a five-chapter manuscript for editing, and then finally, finally start polishing my schoolwork.

Oh, and I need to lose 20 pounds by December. Shit.

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