Thursday, September 27, 2007

Achy Breaky Feet

1. I am obsessed with Facebook. Dammit, I shouldn't have listened to my friends. See? Now I am amazingly distracted because I always keep on checking every five minutes to see if something remotely interesting has happened to me.

So anyone...on Facebook? Add me up? Please?

(Voice inside my head: "Shut up, Gabby! You're sounding desperate!")

2. The main reason why I've been remiss in updating is because my partner in crime C. is here for the week, visiting me in psychotic ol' Singapore. So far, we've been up and down Chinatown and Little India, the stretch of Orchard Road 'til Dhoby Ghaut, and downtown City Hall area. Tomorrow we'll be trying to get to the Singapore River Cruise and the evening festivities at Sentosa. My feet have been killing me, but hey, at least it's decent exercise.

3. Experiencing another crisis of faith. The semester is approaching the second half and the program is about to end soon, and I'm terribly tempted to stay here and apply for jobs, even just for a year, just to see if I can save and maybe invest properly and start saving up for a future. I mean, seriously, I could earn a lot here. And I'm more comfortable with social relations than ever before. And if I earn *that* much, then I can visit home *that* often as well.

Ah well. I don't know yet. Ideas in the air. Still, it's something that's been preying on my mind.

4. I always thought I could expect whatever life throws at me. Well, guess what? I got another curveball and it hit me right smack on the head.

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