Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mid-Semester Break

It's hard to believe that I'm at the middle of the semester already, that this week marks the pause before the second part of the school semester, where we get to take a breather and start figuring out how to pick up the pace.

I think at this point, I can honestly say that this the the best semester I've ever had, and I don't want it to end.

And yet, isn't that the way with precious things? Just when I'm discovering that I also have a solid foundation of friends to care for me, that my family will back me up 100% in anything I choose to undertake, and that I am finally going uphill after the more than year and a half of bad decisions when it comes to my heart. I am writing again, and I am smiling, and this is such a big turn-around from how I was when the semester began.

It's amazing how I constantly surprise myself. And here I thought I could never be fazed.


Tonight was dinner at Aloysius' house at Woodlands with the group in order to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Funnily enough, I forgot my camera, and Lorie brought hers but totally forgot to bring the batteries from the charging pack, and Marissa thought that Lorie and I would bring ours - what were the chances that the both of us would forget, right? - and so she didn't bring hers as well. Shailaja saved the day by bringing her camera, so all shots of tonight are with her and Aloysius.

So sadness, we don't have a Multiply photo album of tonight.

But it was lovely fun: lounging around the huge armchairs and couches and the floor, and we ordered pizza from Sarpino's. Aloysius had junkfood already ready, and I brought apple cider and Marissa brought wine, so everyone was satisfied. After dinner, we went outside to light the paper lanterns and take photos, and Aloysius showed us how to make Cock-Sucking Cowboys, which is now Lorie's favorite drinks (shot glass = half Bailey's, half butterscotch schnapps), and between the two of them, Marissa and Nathan finished a third of Merlot and we were all quite fizzy on apple cider. And of course, Aloysius just had to offer hard liquor to Nathan, who was happily high on screwdrivers for the rest of the night. ^_^

Of course, the belle of the ball were the moon cakes. We had the baked ones from Bengawan Solo - the mixed nuts and the plain lotus ones, and two double-yolk cakes for the taking. And then, of course, the piece de resistance: champange-centered snow mooncakes from the Raffles Hotel. They were quite lovely - melted in your mouth and as sweet as can be.

I hope this is a good beginning for the week. I need to write, really write, tomorrow, and clean up the room, and prepare for C., who's finally, finally coming in this Tuesday and we're both a-tingling and a-bouncing with excitement. Yay! ^_^

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