Saturday, September 08, 2007

No Pole Dancing, Though

It's eight in the morning but it feels like five or six. The rain is coming down like a gray sheet, a pearlescent curtain that mimics both sky and sea; there is no way of telling where the line is drawn now, save for the occassional lights stuttering across the harbor.

I am supposed to be getting ready to go to my friend A.'s house to do his ironing, but the rain makes it harder to move - the anticipation of getting wet is something I'm not quite looking forward to, not while carrying my bag and my school materials. The list of things in my mind are turning and turning, wondering if I will survive today and finish everything I need to do as well. Print readings for next week, chase down reading materials, write write write. All I want to do is burrow into my pillows and disappear.

Yesterday was good - I wrote and edited my (almost) 2,000-word ISM essay in under six hours, which isn't so bad if you think about it. To reward myself, I decided to go with friends to Clarke Quay, to a Caribbean-themed bar appropriately named Mama's Caribbean Bar, where Unit One, a reggae band from Trinidad & Tobago, was performing. For once, I wore party clothes (with my friends grinning and gasping and telling me, "My my, the cleavage says a lot") and heels and we danced - as much dancing as MA and Ph.D students can do since you know, it ended up that only us Filipinos were dancing. The boys ordered a frightening-looking contraption filled with beer and towards the end of the evening, we decided to slip out and head off to Lau Pa Sat just after midnight, for satay and chicken wings and Milo. Of course, more talk came out, and more funny little secrets from married and almost-married couples.

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(Photo above at Mama's Caribbean Bar, L-R: Justine, me, Lorie, Nathan, Nino, Gene, (seated) Ireyah. More photos courtesy of the procrastinating Lorie if you click here.)

The band themselves were quite lovely - one of our friends used to play for a rather well-known reggae/ska band in Manila before, and he says that they were the real thing, and that the music was authentic. Of course, we were bumping and grinding and laughing on the dancefloor, and afterwards, during the band's break, the lead singer came up to our table, talked to our friend (same guy who used to play for a band) and then was encouraging us girls while we were out on the floor. Haha.

Unwinding after a long week is always a lovely feeling - and yeah, looks like next week this is going to happen again, since we're hitting Arab Street and a jazz bar (Zandre, you should come here and see this!) either Friday or Saturday. What I've noticed about myself is that I'm not so awkward in such settings anymore - I'm not sure about clubs, with techno-dance-rave-whatever music, but at least with bars, I've learned what to order and how to act, how to interact with people you meet and the performers and everything in between. It's a good skill to pick up - I mean, it's always good to know how to adjust to a given social situation. ^_^

Countdown: 17 days.

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