Sunday, September 02, 2007

Week Four

Operating on four hours of sleep when you know you have work you don't want to do is definitely not fun. I am anticipating sleepless nights this week owing to:

1. Readings on Monday
2. Readings and a critique on Tuesday
3. Readings and a reaction paper on Thursday
4. A 1,500-word semi-academic essay on Friday

Not to mention the fact that I really have to start putting in hours for the research work AND writing that case study that I can never seem to get around to actually starting. These are the days when I wish there were 25 or 26 hours per day, just to be able to do everything I want to do, and watch TV as well. ^_^ Oh, and did I mention a story that I have to finish before the 15th?

(Pride and Prejudice, the Keira Knightly version, is on HBO right now. If all I was occupied with was a good marriage, then maybe I'd be sleeping better at night. Or maybe not.)

These are the days when I'm wondering why I decided to take my master's degree instead of continuing to work. I'm already feeling a bit worn down around the edges, because the work just isn't letting up - just snatches here and there, and perhaps a bit of fun with friends on occassion, but really, the cycle is becoming more and more vicious. And all I want to do is lie in bed and sleep and pretend that I don't have anything to do tomorrow. God, I wish I could find my middle ground already.

(In other news, I'm jealous about all the Book Fair stories circulating around the blogs I read - I'm sad that I missed it, and missed my friends' performances/talks/book launches/whatevers. Still, it seems that Philippine literature in all its tawdry glory is still alive and kicking. That's always lovely to know.)

It's been raining on and off these past days. You never really know when an umbrella will come in handy.

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