Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Greater Scheme of Things

1. Planning for a party is like Hercules fighting a monstrous hydra. As soon as you get one problem down, ten more spring into place. Now my schedule for tomorrow reads like a grocery list - must go to grocery and pick up stuff the Party People have left behind, cook, and make sure everything is ready to go before four. Oh, and did I mention I have to get ready for the party as well?

But hey, these things don't organize themselves. And this is all worth it - friends are infinitely special, and to celebrate their birthdays is always a grand affair. ^_^

2. Where did all the time go? Now I have to start thinking of TWO paper topics as well as my final project for my ISM. I know for my Cold War texts class, I'll be doing my paper on nostalgia and Hairspray: The Musical - both the original 1984 version starring Ricki Lake, and the 2007 revival with Nikki Blonsky - and how both versions return to the same nostalgia for a "purer" time in American cultural history, and specifically a sense of family that was reinforced by the Cold War. My ISM is basically wrapping up the entire speculative fiction documentary (at least trying to - given the amazing convolution that is the entire argument of spec fic in the Philippines, it's very difficult to get a definitive grip on the situation in contemporary literature) but I want to write a creative piece on it, a short story perhaps? At least that will get my creative juices flowing once again. My output this year has been quite bad - with a head count of ZERO - and I would like to at least finish a story before the year ends.

I have absolutely no idea what to do with my final project for Theatre class though.

3. It's been one month, and things are still falling into place. ^_^ But still, December defines everything. (Hey God, we neeed You right now, more than ever. Please. Please. Please.)

I think I'll follow the voice that calls within
Dance to the silent song it sings
I hope to find my place, so my life will fall in place
I know in time I'll find my place
In the greater scheme of things

- "Pilgrim's Theme", contemporary Christian hymn

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