Sunday, October 07, 2007

Week Eight

I almost forgot that another week is upon us, and I've been quite remiss in updating this space - the work is coming up in droves, and real life has this funny way of catching up with us. I wish there was a way to talk about it in a less roundabout way, but maybe this is a bit more fun, and maybe in a couple more months, things will be better and I can remove this self-imposed silence and be properly joyful. But for the moment, everything seems good. ^_^

I'm supposed to be finishing up my ISM paper (which is two days overdue) and trying to catch up on schoolwork, but of course, I need to blog. It's weird to think that there's only a couple more months before school officially wraps up, but there's so much that needs to be done. I've been applying like crazy to job openings here in Singapore, and so far, I've had one interview and three preliminary tests since Sunday (which was when I started) so hopefully there should be offers sometime soon. I'm giving myself until December 12, which is when I fly back to Manila, and I should have a contract by then so that I can start arranging something more permanent.

There's still a lot of catching up to do in terms of schoolwork - last week was quite bad for me, since I skipped two classes and missed my ISM deadline, but hopefully this week should be much better. It looks like I'll also start playing badminton this week in an effort to lose a bit more weight and look all svelte and shexy by December, not that I have anyone to impress back home, haha. ^_^ I gained a bit of weight over the mid-sem break, but now I'm down to 63 kg and hopefully this badminton thing will help me get down to 60 kg and beyond. Somehow, things are falling into place, and I'm crossing my fingers that despite what's looming over the horizon, there's still hope, and that I should remain hopeful.

(See? I'm purposefully vague.)

Perhaps the highlight of the week was Gene's 30th birthday. (Most of the photos are with Aldo - Aldo, post them up already!) The Filipino graduate community is growing by leaps and bounds, and with them our honorary Filipino friends are also coming up more and more, and it was just nice to see everyone after a week of working and working (and sleeping and sleeping). We ended up at this Chinese beer garden along South Buona Vista Road and although I had eaten already and just had Milo, the smell of chili crabs and sizzling pork was enough to make me want to have a second dinner. The latent hobbit in me seems to want to come back out again. O_o But overall, despite the fact that I had to leave early, it was a good night, and the perfect lazy weekend.

Just a thought: It's just funny how the universe loves throwing curve balls in your direction, and how the unexpected surprises ends up being the funniest and the most amazing of them all.

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