Monday, October 15, 2007

Week Nine

Apparently, there is a connection between real life and blogging - the more you live in the real world (though the real world in itself is quite questionable, really), the more you don't need to use the interface of the computer screen in order to live a "life" that's essentially in your head. I like this. It makes me feel more productive. ^_^

It's hard to believe we only have three weeks left before the reading week (the week before exams) - there are still papers to be prepared for, and exams to study for, and oh goodness, where did the three semesters go? Somehow, I wish I actually applied for a Ph.D here in NUS just so I can go on and continue being a student, but then it's a rather selfish thought, and besides, I do miss working (and earning). Of course, I really need a job here by December, and the silences from all the places I've applied for (25 companies in the past 12 days) can be quite deafening. There's nothing more nerve-wracking than waiting, that's for sure. Still, there's hope - a month and a half to go!

Big things that have come and are coming up include Marissa's payday party (a term recently coined by Lorie), which was great fun. I realized that I missed my friends, and that I'm glad that I do have friends here in uni that are great fun and we just spent an entire evening eating pizza, playing Scruples (we have none) and Taboo. Yes, we're all corny that way - not much by way of drinking (a few people had beer, but no one got drunk - we don't need to get drunk in order to have fun) and it's really more of letting your hair down - or in Gene's case, pulling it up. And then we're planning a *shush* surprise on Sunday - can't post the details here, of course, but suffice to say that things are rolling quite smoothly along, and I'm excited.

It's funny to suddenly realize that I do have a life here as well - something I never really thought about when I first came to Singapore. And it's a life I've come to appreciate and enjoy and actually realize that it's not so bad. Not that my opinion of Singapore has changed drastically - I still think it's an anal, antiseptic, and boring country where people can't be bothered to speak good English, but I think it's become a space for me where I can live my life the way I choose, and that I only answer to myself, and that these are things I appreciate more and more. Independence is such a joy. ^_^

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