Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Week Ten

Oh goodness, I am so behind. There is just too many things to do that I barely have time to sit in front of the computer and actually put my thoughts to paper. Right now, it's past midnight and my laundry is currently tumbling and turning in the wash, and I have a couple of job-related things to do before turning in for the night. Tomorrow should be a relatively easy day, since there's no class, though I do have a bit of work to do for the SEAsia module. Anyway, so the last few days in a nutshell:

1. I am badly addicted to Facebook. It is so not funny.

2. I finally have the list of papers to write for this semester, and the schedule's pretty tight. The books and photocopied papers on top of my desk is already growing and growing, and should reach frightening heights in the next two weeks. I have a deadline on the 13th, and two papers due on the 16th, and if you think the Reading Week should be less stressful, but no, of course not - I'll be studying for exams the week after, and finishing up my bibliography work just before December 8.

3. On the job-hunting front, a couple of companies have already expressed interest, but more often than not, there's always that one little detail that puts people off. That bugs me, because I'm always thinking that I am good enough for a number of these positions, but just because I don't have PR status or I can't speak Chinese (both of which are, I think, minor details that can be easily remedied by a bit of bureacratic paperwork or learning curves) doesn't mean I can't do the job well. And there are some companies that just. Don't. Call. Back.

4. I really need to sleep in awhile. Sigh.

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