Friday, November 30, 2007

12 More Days

On the recent coup d'etat fakeout by Trillanes

I actually learned about it on LiveJournal during the afternoon, when people started posting one- or two-liners about Trillanes and the entire affair. So of course, I logged on to and switched the channel to BBC (much to The Boyfriend's amusement; it's his fault that I'm now up-to-date with a lot of world affairs) to see if there was some coverage.

So basically the idiots mutineers from the 2003 Oakwood affair has decided that they might as well try and do it again, just because it seems like a lot of fun. What I didn't get was the part where UP once again decided they wanted to be part of the limelight and jump into the fray - the fray which, I might add, is the height of idiocy. I mean, come on, walking out of the judiciary because you think that what you did was wrong? Excuse me, holding people at gunpoint and fucking up the day of civilians ad infinitum does not, in my opinion, hold water in terms of "moral responsibility". If he really wanted to win, he should have fought at it in court - like a decent man who knows when to back down. Oh, and the entire "we won't come out until our demands are met" threat? So last decade. And besides, they didn't exactly have a spine when they finally left the hotel (what is it with Trillanes and bloody-effing five-star residences? Coups now have to be carried out in style and comfort and room service?) after an APV rolled into the lobby.

(Oh I would have loved to see that!)

But seriously, the government didn't do so brilliantly either. Confiscating media footage? Arresting members of the media? Oh, the newsrooms will have a field day with that, that's for sure. And there was a live feed during the time it was happening on international television (I was watching it on BBC, duh) so...hello, people in the government. Did you think about that? And the curfew? Does anyone remember what curfews remind people of? Hint: Starts with an M. Two words.

Sigh. My country. Idiots. (So glad I didn't vote.)

On finding a job in Singapore

So I've had my fifth job interview this morning, and I suppose things are producing results. The one prior to this, for an online gaming company, was one I really REALLY wanted to get into (amazing salary + fun and exciting job) but alas, the timing was off. They needed someone to start immediately, and once I told them I was ending in December 2007 and would only be available afterwards, there wasn't much left to discuss. I was among their top five short-listed candidates, but maybe it wasn't meant to be.

The one I had today was for an account manager for a small advertising agency. I seem to be drawn to these things - I'm not sure if it's because I really loved working for Kestrel back then (and I did! I did!) and I miss that kind of environment, or I'm just really daunted with the idea of working for an MNC. *shudder* The corporate-ness of the environment simply sends chills down my spine. I don't think I'm mature enough or patient enough to handle things like that. Haha.

Still, I'm hoping this one works out and they make a formal offer. (I got a tentative one today.) The boss, Mr. Lim, seems suitably impressed with my resume and body of work and my answers during the interview itself. He wants me to bring my official documents and transcripts on Monday to make certified true copies so that he can forward it to the Ministry of Manpower for an official offer letter, or something like that. I'm crossing my fingers for this one, since it requires travel back and forth from Singapore to Manila and back again, FOR FREE! (Haha. User.)

Anyway, I also have an interview for the 5th (the last one before I fly back, methinks) for a media outfit, so I want to check that one out as well, since they seem rather enthusiastic about my resume as well. I've never had so many people tell me they were impressed with achievements. I just look at myself, and look at my peers, and think to myself, "This is nothing. If you want to be impressed, look at some of my friends - they've published books and won awards and are known in their field. I hardly think I'm anything to look at."

Still, I hope there will be offers to consider while I'm in Manila. I'm crossing my fingers that these things will work out. The Boyfriend and I badly need a break from the universe. ^_^

12 more days! 12 MORE DAYS! *squee*

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