Saturday, November 03, 2007

Comfort Food

It's quite funny (in a good way) how domesticated life has become. The Boyfriend has been staying over for more than a week - not because we had planned it, but things just happened to fall into place. Not that he's moving in anytime soon; there's still exams and work and everything else to do, so as far as we're concerned, this is just a temporary arrangement set up because neither of my flatmates are home right now and I didn't want to go back to an empty flat. (What can I say, duwag e.)

Anyway, so we were just discussing a lot of things on the way back home from watching the highly Hollywood-ized film Rendition (I have mixed feelings about it, but it wasn't as bad as that stupid Singapore film Pleasure Factory) - and we get back to the flat with tuna and Coke Lite and bread and get down to fixing dinner when we switch on the TV and guess what? Pakistan's just declared emergency rule!

So now, my TV is on BBC for most of the evening. And he just won the entire "My Country is Worse Than Yours" award tonight. ^_^

But today was really nice, in terms of our Saturday dates. Although it started off quite badly (he had a tummy ache and we had to look for an open clinic so he could get an MC and some meds), by the time we were on our way to Marina Square from Jurong East, he was feeling loads better and so we had a very late lunch at 7,107 Flavors, a Filipino fine dining restaurant. It was the first time I had actually introduced him to Filipino food; while I am quite used to and love eating South Asian cuisine, aside from a taste of homemade (read: halal) adobo that I cooked for him, he's never really tried anything Filipino.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I took him to the restaurant, but by the time we were licking off bits of our dessert from our spoons, I was quite the happy clam. He really took a liking to sinigang na isda, despite his insistence that he hated soup and that I would never get him to eat soup. But it was the leche flan that took the cake (pardon the pun) - I just ordered one serving because I wasn't sure how he'd take the sweet dish. You should have seen his eyes light up as soon as he took his first spoonful...and proceeded to swipe off two-thirds of the flan. It was quite funny afterwards - we were both on a sugar high and giggling and tripping over each other as we went around the mall.

He's starting to become my version of comfort food here in Singapore - you know, the person I go to in order to get my daily dose of hugs. ^_^ It's a very nice feeling, to be loved this much and thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big. *stretchs out two arms apart* And while one might think that because of the vast amount of difference that we have, we'd be headbutting more often, but I think because our temperaments and habits are quite enmeshed and fit around each other very well, it's been a matter of compromise, more often than not - compromise and agreements and this funny "let's just go out and do it" attitude, where we find ourselves exploring all parts of the city and finding really nice places to eat at. ^_^

So this is what a proper relationship feels like. Yay!

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