Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Exam

Because I am the most responsible student in the world, I woke up a quarter before nine and realized that (a) my windows were open, thereby letting in a nice breeze, and (b) it was raining. A lot.

Now, yes, I knew I had an exam today. And I knew that I didn't have to study much for it, because it was an open book exam and I attended all most of my lectures anyway, so I had notes and you know the drill. What I totally forgot was that this exam was at 9 in the frickin' morning, instead of 5 PM that I originally thought it was.

I have never rushed for anything this quickly my entire life. Less than 15 minutes and I had washed my face and brushed my teeth, threw on jeans and a shirt and grabbed my books, and then I was off, flying into the rain. I managed to reach the exam hall 15 minutes later (it should have taken my just five, since I was in a cab, but see, AYE was traffic and...yeah, there), soaked and clutching my books to me like a bedraggled chicken, but I made it before the hour was up, and RB ushered me inside, with me muttering apologies all the while. He just said, "I'm glad you made it" before showing me to my seat and hunkering down for the exam.

Thankfully, it wasn't as difficult as I had thought, and this, despite no preparation whatsoever. I am insanely grateful for myself for taking down copious notes and for actually showing a great deal of interest in the subject, which meant that I retained a lot of information in my head and a number of discursive points I had used for my paper found their way into the final exam. And, in true Gabby fashion, I still finished ahead of time. ^_^

After the exam, I returned a book RB lent me and shook his hand and told him this was one of the most fun classes I've had and that I was glad I managed to take it before I graduate. He seemed sincerely pleased by this. Now I remember again why I want to teach and feel a little bit disappointed that I might not be able to do that. I definitely don't want to teach here in Singapore - having friends who are teachers here, I am certain that it's hellish and there's too much bureaucracy to make it worthwhile or enjoyable. Plus, no way am I going to go through NIE or MOE and endure a three- or five-year bond. O_o

So I have one more exam to go (December 3, 5 PM - this one I'm certain of) before I can officially say that I'm done with everything. Hopefully I can still maintain my average despite performing in a rather mediocre manner with one of my modules, and completely rushing my ISM at the last minute. But wow, it's incredible - things are finally winding down.

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