Saturday, November 24, 2007

In The Midst of Things

L-R: Mitch, Aldo, Andi, Gene, me. Photo taken by Justine on Aldo's camera. (Lorie took the same photo, but from a different angle)

This was taken from a last-minute get together at Aldo's flat at Clementi Ave 5. Well, last minute for me, since I didn't know that this was going on until Gene texted me and asked me where I was since lunch was already there. Thinking that it was just an impromptu get-together at campus (and since I was waiting for The Boyfriend), at first I thought I would just meet them, but then when Gene told me that it was at Aldo's place - and I had no idea where he lived - it became a bit confusing. Lorie and Justine chimed in, telling me there was still food and that I should follow, and then The Boyfriend joined in and cajoled me into going. So I went.

And I'm glad I did. The pasta and chicken was excellent (salamat, Aldo!) and while I wasn't able to join them on a round of Taboo and Scruples, to see friends - especially Marissa, who was leaving the day after (today) - and just forget about this semester's final requirements for awhile. Lorie, Angie, and Marissa had to leave early to attend various errands, so the rest of us lounged around for most of the afternoon and watched the critically acclaimed film, Blades of Glory. We wanted to go out that night as well, and watch Enchanted at the theatres, but everything was booked and we didn't want to sit so close to the screen or to sacrifice the group by sitting apart (there were 12 people who confirmed for the eve) so the others decided to go off to karaoke while I headed off home, picking up dinner for my boy en route. I think (at least according to Aldo's Multiply account) they ended up at Holland Village instead, drinking the night away and asking inappropriate questions. For myself, I think I just crashed on the bed from sheer exhaustion after dinner, not even minding that the lights were on and the sheets were all wrapped around me like some pita wrap.

Lumpia, anyone?

But I'm glad we've managed to do this - goodness knows people are dispersing even before one can blink. Some people are already leaving for Manila by December 1, and I think Gene and I will be the last ones leaving Singapore; both our flights are scheduled for the 12th. I'm hoping to have everything organized by then - I have a couple of prospects for a job, and I'm hoping that they work out before I leave. Otherwise, I have to rest to Plan B, and I'm not looking forward to spending that much at all. O_o

PS. Got the first of my final papers back, and am happy to report that at least in one of my classes (my favorite one, excluding the ISM), my pre-exam CA is a nice, solid A. The instructor even wrote, "Still, good job overall", with 'good job' underlined in blue ink. ^_^

PPS. Still getting to watch Enchanted tonight with the gang, thank goodness, Been hearing loads of good things about it, and I didn't know that Stephen Schwartz wrote the libretto - now I'm happy, since he was also the guy who penned the lyrics to Broadway's Wicked. And of course, Alan Menken has always been one of the gifted librettists of our times.

PPPS. Found the second and third installments of Temeraire at the library, and absolutely devoured Throne of Jade. I want to wait before diving into Black Powder War, and now I have to look for Victory in Ivory, the latest book, somewhere in the bowels of the National Library, since the NUS Library doesn't have it yet. One of the things I also find absolutely fascinating about it is the fact that the historical angle is something familiar to me, especially since in the second book, they traveled to China and Novik inserted a socio-political commentary running throughout the story that can be read...okay, I'm reading it as a lit student already. Stop, Gabby, stop.

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