Thursday, November 08, 2007

Job Wanted!

My good friend Hiyas made this illustration for me one fine evening when I was terribly cranky and ranting about needing a job in Singapore by December so that I can have a source of income by the time I get back in January. Because, as she says, she "can't hand me a job on a platter", she did the second-best thing and bolstered my ego. ^_^

Oh, and here's the accompanying copy to go along with it (she also came up with it, and yes, it is a serious plea):

My good friend Gabby Lee is currently searching for a job in Singapore. She's finishing up her MA in Literary Studies at the National University of Singapore. She's gotten stories and articles published in the Philippines and work experience as a copywriter/project manager for a design firm but apparently it doesn't matter because...
a) she's young and inexperienced (according to them)
b) the magazines she's been published in aren't known in SG
c) she doesn't have permanent residence status in SG (which she can't apply for unless she has a job. Brilliant cycle of stupid, yes?)

So there. This is a plea to help my friend find a job there. If you know any company in Singapore that's hiring writers/project managers, please inform her by emailing gabriela.lee[at]


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