Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Panic Mode

My brain is currently made up of mush. The Boyfriend has just left the building (he has an exam today at noon) and I have just enough time to sweep the floor and do the laundry once I can get off my ass. Didn't sleep very well at all last night, and my legs cramped up sometime this early morning, but there was a storm at dawn (and how often can you write those words down?) and the entire sky was lit up and the rain was pounding on the windows and it just felt gorgeous.

This is my last week of MA classes, and tomorrow is actually my last day of class...forever. Well, at least at NUS. I'm just sad that it's not even a class that I was performing well in; just something I had to take because there were no other options at the department. Oh well. And I still haven't written my last paper for that class, which we're turning in tomorrow.

Actually, I have two more papers to go, aside from that one - which means that I am currently feeling like crap because I am poor and destitute and I have no food in the fridge AND I have exactly one day each to write my final paper for the Cold War class and my ISM. So I can't really appreciate the fact that this is my last week of school. Oh, and plus! I have a hundred dollars left in my poor poor bank account. Oh well.


That's all. I know I have more important things to say, but I think I need caffeine first. Mmmmm, coffee.

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