Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quit Playing Games

I swear, The Boyfriend beats me at everything!

While we were dating, one of the best dates we've had involved a late night of bowling at Marina Square. Of course, I thought (especially after that successful game last Christmas at Jilly's old office) that I could at least score decently against him; and of course I was soundly beaten after one little game. In almost every other game we've played ever since, he's always emerged as the clear winner - pool, card games, chess (well of course, chess. Duh!) and pretty much everything else.

I'm wondering, though, how he'd fare in a game of Scruples. Haha.

Anyway, so tonight, we found ourselves having dinner at Makansutra, an open-air hawker center just beside the durian-shaped Esplanade Theatres. (Digression: During dinner, I passed by a couple of Filipinos seated near the satay stall. From the corner of my eye, I dimly recognized the girl's face as someone whom I used to know in high school. I passed by several times just to make sure I wasn't just mistaken, and finally approached their table and asked, "Hi, excuse me. Diana?" And she looks at me and yep, that's her all right. Except that I seem to remember her as a two-dimensional person who could barely fill out our Miriam uniform. Well, now she's grown up and grown out. It was just quite surreal.) After dinner, we wandered around the place for awhile before heading towards Marina Square and booked our bowling lane. The waiting time was around 30 minutes, so we decided to get dessert and wait it out.

Unfortunately, since Singapore is at the habit of closing things quite early (the Starbucks at the CBDs and downtown areas close at midnight on SATURDAYS. The Starbucks along Katipunan closes at 3AM on WEEKDAYS) the only place we found that was still selling sweet stuff was McCafe. So we got cakes and drinks and settled in a corner booth and made fun of everyone passing by until the bowling alley called and said that there was a free lane already.

So anyway, he soundly beat my ass AGAIN at bowling, and all I have to show for it is a sore thumb (because for most of the game, I was playing with an 8-pound ball with holes too small for my thumb, which kept on chafing the skin) and it was only towards the end that I managed a semi-decent score. But still, he was the clear winner of the night. Thankfully, he's not in the habit of gloating - in fact, one of the nicer things about him is the fact that he will actually offer suggestions on how to improve, and will cheer when you do something good and commiserate when your ball goes into the gutter. ^_^

Afterwards, because we were still revved up, we decided to go to the opposite establishment and play pool. Of course, since I'm dating a hustler (you should see some of the shots he makes), it pretty much ensures that I'm fighting a losing battle from the beginning. But I'd like to think I'm slightly better at pool, although I really need to work on breaking the first round. The only problem is when I have to reach out whenever I'm trying to hit the white ball and it's too far away and there's just no other possible angle - it's either I clamber up on the edge of the table to take a shot, or I have to use that thingie (no idea what it's called) that balances the cue for you.

But no, I didn't win a single round out of four rounds. I swear, I want to take him home now and let him play pool against EVERYONE I know. Haha.

I suppose what was really nice about last night was that we weren't rushing against time or we weren't so stressed out about school, since this coming week is Reading Week already. And while I still have one submission to finish, and one last freelance project to complete, it's nice to finally feel that things are winding down. ^_^ Christmas is just around the corner as well, and finally, finally, we can all go home.

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