Sunday, December 09, 2007

Times are a' Changin'

Hay Lord.

Two more days and I'm back on my way home. I'm having mixed feelings about this - on the one hand, I'm totally excited to see my family and friends again, to have a great Christmas and to be on a break (possibly the longest break I'll have for quite some time) before coming back here and literally starting another phase in my life. But on the other hand, I'm also quite sad to be leaving The Boyfriend behind, even though it's just for four weeks. I mean, we won't even be together on our third monthsary, and to actually have to celebrate in long distance is quite a depressing thought. But I've decided to go with the flow on the entire thing - life, love, career - and just throw everything in the air. As my friend Shailaja says, "I never plan for anything longer than one hour in advance. It saves on energy."

And there seems to be a lot of changes going on. For one, my flatmate F is moving out of the apartment and in with his girlfriend in faraway Punggol (up north). Think of it as the commute from QC to Pasay - it's that far and that long a travel time, even with the extremely efficient transportation system. The rent's just gone up as well (SGD 750) and so C and I need to look for a new flatmate SOON. Thankfully, the rent change is in effect after January, but still, we need to get our act together - the landline and Internet is tied to F, and with him gone, we need to look for alternative. I, for one, am tied to the wi-fi like a bondage girl tied to a chair, so I seriously need the Internet when I get back. C is going to be in China until the first week of January, and then off to the US the week after, so I'm hoping that we do get to organize things before he goes off again.

And it seems that I'm (hopefully) employed as well - a small ad agency has already confirmed that they want me to come in as an account manager as soon as the 27th of December. I'm trying to bargain out of it and see if I can come in by January 1 or 2, depending on Tatay's travel agent and what trip I can get - Cebu Pacific, hopefully, since I'm back on the amazing budget airlines - and if I'm flying out of Manila or out of Davao. The thing is, since this year's Dans Christmas/New Year will be in Davao and Nanay already confirmed that we're flying out by the 27th from Manila to Davao, it takes a bit of coordination and insanity. I also need to confirm with aforementioned ad agency about the length of my employment pass (they had me fill it up and submit it to them last Friday), as well as any contract that I have to sign so that I know precisely how much I'll be earning before I leave for the holidays. I'm just hoping they're in a good mood tomorrow morning so that I can see if I can come in by the New Year.

And of course I just had to be hit with the double whammy of a cough and a cold, which sent me sniffling to bed last night, weepy and tired. Thankfully, The Boyfriend was in to pump medicine into my system and tuck me into bed. Today, thanks to Decolgen and Dhasedyl, the cough's almost gone and the nose isn't leaking anymore and I even managed to clean the bathroom - as in, really, really, REALLY scrub it - at one o'clock in the morning. Although the warning label on the Dhasedyl says that it makes you sleepy, I've been taking it the entire day and so far, I feel really awake. ^_^

So, two more days. A lot of things can happen. I hope most (if not all) of them will be good news. And besides, tomorrow, I'm cleaning my room, purchasing some storage stuff at Ikea, and watching The Golden Compass with the love of my life. What could be better than that?

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