Friday, December 07, 2007

Wrapping Up

I can't believe I'm missing so many things tomorrow! UP Writers' Night, the launch of the Philippine PEN Anthology (where I have a story published), and the launch of the PSF Vol. 3. It's a literary smorgasboard, and I'm in another country, five days away from home, and it's rather sad. This is the first time I'm missing Writers' Night since it was reinstated in 2004, as part of the core group of the Writers Club. Of course, we were dragged kicking and screaming into the entire thing, but looking back, I'm glad we did that. Now, from what I've been reading over on the Internet, the Writers' Night is bigger and better than ever - and to think that we only started out with 5,000 pesos and the good graces of established writers to fund the party. It's amazing what a few years can do to an event that it's suddenly become this institutionalized thing. I still remember standing in front of Rio Alma (who was then the head of the UP Creative Writing Center - hindi pa nun Institute), a college junior quaking in my boots, asking for money to fund the party.

My only publication, in terms of fiction, for this year is the one for the Philippine PEN Anthology, entitled "Hunger". (You can find the anthology at Solidaridad Bookstore in Manila - yup, the one owned by F. Sionil Jose.) I've been trying to write something new, but with everything rushing by so fast and with barely enough time to breathe in between shuttling back and forth from Singapore to Manila and back again, I'm really, really exhausted. But I'm crossing my fingers I can revise a short story in time for submission next year to either an anthology or a publication. Still, every little bit helps. And an essay that I wrote for my ISM as an overview for Philippine speculative fiction was well-received by my supervisor, and he's encouraging me to develop it for publication, so maybe that's something I can work on as well.

The job front seems to be looking bright. One of the advertising agencies who interviewed me (twice, I might add) has finally requested that I fill out the S-Pass form (Short-Term Employement Form) from the Ministry of Manpower, and today I received a call saying they want me to start on the 27th of December. It's a bit rushed, and I'm still trying to bargain and see if I can come in January 1 or so, because it's going to be hell to get a flight at that time, and I would like to spend New Year with the family and all in Davao. But I'm just feeling SO RELIEVED now, that at least things are moving in a certain direction, and that I am finally, finally getting somewhere.

So I'll be home next week, December 12, and I'm hoping to see you all then! ^_^

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